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Klong Prao Beach

Klong Prao Beach, Northern part

If we walk a along the beach from Chai Chet to the south, we find a slightly wilder place. It is quite deserted, few people, trash comes across, almost a wild beach, it is just in the area of the sign on the road to Klong Prao Beach and the bridge leading from the road to the beach. The territory of Klong Prao Resort is located a little bit close to south, and everything is very clean and civil on the beach there. Resort workers are constantly cleaning.
Driving along the highway, you see a turn to one of the largest waterfalls Klong Plu Waterfall: there is a sign on the road.

Klong Prao Beach, Southern part

Driving along the highway, we see a turn to the right and go deeper. Among the palm forest there are several complexes of not expensive bungalows eg Tiger Hut, very simple housing. There are not many people there it is a pleasant quiet place. All the resorts here are located more to the southe of the beach.