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Chai Chet Beach

Chai Chet Beach is not on all maps and is often called just the northern part of Klong Prao Beach. This is the northernmost piece near Chai Chet Resort. Either this place was named because of the hotel, or the hotel because of the beach. Just south of the neighborhood is another Koh Chang Paradise Resort & Spa, there are swings on site, but they are only for guests.
The official name of the whole beach is still Klong Prao, on the track there is a sign with the name Klong Prao. The beach is around 3 km long. It is divided into 3 parts: Chai Chet, North of Klong Prao and South of Klong Prao. The border between the northern and southern parts of the beach passes at the place where the river flows, where Klong Prao Resort is located. The main infrastructure is in the Chai Chet area. Here are shops (7/11, Tesco), and gas station, in general, everything you need. The middle part of the beach / area is almost empty. And only then civilization will reappear in the very South of Klong Prao.
Chai Chet Beach is very pleasant, there is good sand and sea, there are trees, cleanliness is maintained. Water at low tide goes quite far.